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The Loutit's or Louttit's hail from the Orkney Islands, an archipelago of approximately 70 islands north of Scotland. The first record of Loutit's on Orkney coincide with the colonization of the islands by the Norse in the eighth century. The islands remained part of Norway and Denmark until 1468, when King James III married Princess Margaret, daughter of Christian I of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The islands of Orkney and Shetland were promised collateral for the dowry, and eventually became part of Scotland.  In the late 19th century there were estimated to be over 60 Loutit families on the islands. With the advent of the Hudson Bay Company and greater international trading, Loutit's (with "itchy feet") dispersed throughout the world. Outside of Scotland, Loutit's can be found in Africa, Australia, Canada, England, South America, New Zealand, and the United States. For a more detailed history about Loutit's click here. For more information about the Orkney Islands, click here.
"The last man to hang in Orkney was a Loutit"1
1: According to William Louttit of Orkney. Crime: sheep stealing